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Born out of a personal need to conquer insomnia, Beauty Sleep is a botanical blend that's all-natural and positively good for you. 

Taken in a small mug of milk, milk-alternative or hot water, Beauty Sleep was developed by medical herbalist and former insomniac Sophie Lamb for sleep-deprived clients. 

What makes this night-time drink different and effective is that it has been carefully designed to address the underlying physiological causes of insomnia whilst having a relaxing effect at the same time. The additional shot of skin-rejuvenating, hair and nail-nourishing collagen means this dual-function product promotes sleep and delivers an anti-aging boost too. 


Pharmaceutical grade Chamomile extract, standardised for apigenin content which research has shown to be neuroprotective and relaxing on the nervous system.

L-theanine induces alpha brain waves, the same type observed during meditation. It also lowers cortisol and reduces anxiety. 

Research has shown that collagen supplementation results in increased skin elasticity and reduced wrinkles within 8 weeks.