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Ironwear Weighted Gloves

Hand Irons™ are the acclaimed best and safest aerobic hand weights and are used by tens of thousands world wide for running, aerobics, boxing training, karate, and kickboxing. No other hand weights measure up to IRONWEAR ™’s patented Hand Irons™.

Besides increasing arm strength and speed, cause the heart to pump harder to more muscle groups with amazing results. The gloves can help to improve cardiovascular condition, increase strength, and speed weight loss.

Hand Irons™ have a single piece of patented Flex-metal which has been sculpted to fit the curves of the hand. The soft rubber weight wraps around from front to the back of the hand to create the only truly balanced hand weight in existence.

The gloves are secured with two wrist adjustment straps and palm adjustment strap. The unique patented design provides a tailored fit on any size hand, and leaves the fingers free - no holding required. They are covered with an abrasion resistant padded black nylon mesh for maximum durability and sweat absorbsion.

Available in both 2lbs and 3lbs they are the perfect addition to any workout including our PWR cardio boxing class!

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